NAMIC Squeeze Contrast Controller


Maximize Your Budget. Reduce Contrast Waste. Safe and Effective.

The Squeeze Contrast Controller is a safe and effective way to reduce contrast waste and maximize your budget. Its unique design lets you use one container of contrast media on multiple patient cases while its proven microbial barrier prevents cross-contamination. Cut costs with confidence by using the Squeeze Contrast Controller—a trusted contrast management system.


Proven Microbial Barrier

The safety and effectiveness of the Squeeze Contrast Controller's two 1-way check valves are proven. Studies showed sterile results when the contrast was challenged with motile bacterium (Pseudomonas aeruginosa); endospore-forming bacteria (Bacillus subtilis); and virus (Bacteriophage Phi-X174).


Test data on file at Navilyst Medical, AngioDynamics company.

One Contrast Source, Multiple Patients


One contrast container for multiple patients lets you take advantage of volume pricing and minimize time-consuming bottle changes


Refer to contrast manufacturer’s IFU for indications.


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