NiT-Vu High-Performance Micro Guidewire

Have Visibility, Have Control

NiT-Vu is available in:

  • Straight or angled tip to meet specific procedural and anatomical needs
  • 2 cm, 5 cm or 7 cm tip length, giving the clinician a variety of choices based on the cases specific needs
  • 0.014 and 0.018 diameters
  • 80 cm, 110 cm, 180 cm and 300 cm lengths


  • Kink-resistant Ni-Ti alloy core wire assures smooth, kink-free navigation through tortuous vasculature and accurate wire control; allows for a 1:1 torque response at the distal tip
  • Highly radiopaque tungsten coil tip for excellent visibility under fluoroscopy
  • Wires inner core features a smooth, parabolic tip taper to facilitate efficient, atraumatic placement through tortuous anatomy
  • Advanced formulation silicone coating technology produces lubricity between the wire surface and the vessel wall, providing smooth navigation

PTFE Coated Guidewire

A Variety of Designs to Meet a Variety of Needs


Fixed Core Features:

  • Tight specifications provide accurate measurements for improved catheter tracking
  • Uniform coating of PTFE provides lubricity and a smooth outer surface for easy insertion
  • Unique process provides tighter coils, minimizing possible thrombus buildup

Movable Core Features:

  • PTFE coating on inner mandril facilitates consistent core movement
  • Flat-wound construction provides smooth insertion of core wire, facilitating the clinicians overall guidewire placement
  • Round safety wire facilitates advancement or withdrawal of core wire

The PTFE Coated Guidewires do not have a CE Mark.


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