Acculis Microwave Ablation


  • Thermal coagulation of Soft Tissue using Microwave Energy
  • Probe placed under CT or Ultrasound Guidance

System consists of:

  • Sulis VpMTA Generator
  • Acculis Local Control Station (LCS)
  • Accu2i pMTA Applicators
  • Optional MTA Temperature Probes




Accu2i pMTA Applicator - A single device for fast, predictable, large ablations.

  • Percutaneous applicator (available in 14 cm, 19 cm and 29 cm lengths)
  • Fast, large, near-spherical ablations1
  • 4.5 cm x 5.5 cm diameter ablations in 6 min2
  • The Acculis* MWA system is rated the fastest in achieving the largest coagulation  diameter (short-axis) at 5 and 6 minutes.1
  • The Acculis MWA system provides the most spherical and largest diameter  ablations at 5 minutes.1,2

Sulis VpMTA Generator

  • 2.45 GHz medical grade microwave generator and control unit
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Most powerful generator on the market
  • Simple to operate1
  • 140 watts maximum

Acculis LCS (Local Control Station)

  • Coolant temperature monitoring system
  • Most efficient pump on the market
  • Integrated control interface for disposable applicators
  • Single-action multi-connector cartridge

Accu20s MTA Surface Applicator

  • Open use (available in 30 cm length)
  • 1.9 cm x 1.2 cm diameter ablations in 60 sec3
  • Scalable burn size3
  • Unique design—only microwave surface applicator on the market

Accu5i MTA Applicator

  • Open or Laparoscopic use (available in 17.4 cm and 33.4 cm lengths)
  • 5.0 cm x 6.8 cm diameter ablations in 8 min3
  • 5.6 mm shaft3
  • Scalable near spherical coagulation zones3

1. Hoffman et al., Radiology, Published online, Feb 2013

2. IFU pMTA Issue 4

3. IFU MTA Issue 4

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