Angiographic Catheters


AngioDynamics offers a comprehensive line of angiographic catheters, designed to reduce the use of contrast and to give a better control during interventional procedures:

Omni Flush and SOS Omni
Angiographic Shapes Designed to Reduce the Amount of Contrast Media


Omni Flush

The innovative Omni Flush angiographic shape is
designed to perform more concentrated flush aortography
with less contrast media (Click here to see Dr Sos’ white paper).

  • Orientation of the catheter end-hole limits contrast reflux, resulting in a more concentrated flush pattern with less contrast usage



It is also ideal to cross the aortic bifurcation with ease for contralateral
diagnostics in interventional procedures.

For bilateral run-off, studies of the lower extremities show that the OmniFlush end-hole directs the contrast media toward the center of the vessel instead of pointing it toward the vessel wall like in the pigtail configuration.

SOS Omni

The SOS Omni versatile visceral shape is designed to ease the procedure, reduce risk trauma and the amount of contrast media:

  • The shaped tip allows the guidewire to flick into the origin of the renal artery, thereby easing the way for proper seating of the catheter and for crossing renal artery stenoses. The use of this technique will enable the operator to access the renal artery using minimal, if any, contrast media. The catheter should be pulled from the descending aorta into the abdominal aorta with a floppy Bentson-type guidewire leading, sometimes with a rotating motion.
  • The soft, flexible atraumatic tip can be placed deeper into the artery (1 cm or more), reducing the chance of catheter kick-out.

Soft-Vu Angiographic Catheters
Designed for Better Control

The Soft-Vu catheter is available with the Omni-Flush and SOS Omni shapes, as well as with the largest range of shapes available, with options of 4Fr high flow or longer catheter lengths. Soft-Vu angiographic catheters were designed, from tip to hub, to give better catheter control and reduce risk of vessel trauma.


Enhanced Soft Tip

The Soft-Vu is the first-of-its-kind catheter on the market with an enhanced, softer, less traumatic tip with just the right degree of rigidity:

  • Soft, atraumatic tip potentially reduces vessel trauma
  • Self-dilating tip for easier site entry and navigation within a vessel, better trackability over the wire
  • Super-radiopaque tip designed for  excellent visibility under fluoroscopy and more accurate placement

Material blending for a unique smooth shaft/tip transition weld

Most standard angiographic catheters have their tip welded to the shaft butt to butt, giving an abrupt stiffness transition from tip to shaft. The Soft-Vu has an UltraBlend tip-shaft welding process.

  • The Soft-Vu catheter has a smooth transition from stiff shaft to flexible soft tip, designed for  safe tracking and prevention of the  catheter from popping out of the selected vessel

  • Robust fixation of the tip to the shaft

  • Allows the tip to reform and maintain its shape even under injection pressure

  • When tracking past a curve, the special weld prevents pulling of the wire or the catheter out of the side branch

SHAFT: Co-extrusion of two layers of nylon

The Soft-Vu shaft is made out of two co-extruded nylon layers designed to promote Increased torque and maneuverability, true one-to-one ratio torquability:

  • Inner layer of pure nylon for strength
  • Outer layer of nylon elastomer for flexibility
  • High-torque shaft with both braided and non-braided shafts improves vessel selection

4F High Flow: larger inner diameter to permit high flows and passage of a 0.038 guidewire during endovascular procedures


Available in lengths from 25-140cm: longer length catheters now standard

Most standard angiographic catheters are limited to 110 cm. AngioDynamics now offers longer-length solutions for both standard Soft-Vu and Hydrophilic-coated Mariner angiographic catheters.

  • Ideal where the operator needs the ability to access the more distal regions of the vascular anatomy
  • Longer-length catheters allow for contralateral access to regions in the trifurcation zone (below the knee)
  • Utilization of a radial or brachial approach


Accu-Vu Sizing Catheter
Designed with Smooth and Accurate Sizing Markers

Every Accu-Vu sizing catheter offers the built-in performance quality of the Soft-Vu catheter brand, the leading name in angiographic catheters. Moreover, a special heat embedding process provides the
Accu-Vu catheters with consistent sizing accuracy and soft transition between shaft and markers.


Markers are heat embedded into the outer wall of the catheter for smoothness along the shaft. Strategically positioned first marker enables placement of catheter tip directly at the renal artery limiting the filling of the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) with contrast when mapping the aorta and bifurcation branches, thereby providing a more clear image and reducing the overall volume of contrast used per procedure .

  • Radiopaque markers show consistent placement across the entire sizing pattern, within +/-1 mm accuracy
  • Prevents band migration or separation
  • Provides for a smooth profile that will not ‘snag’ on vascular tissue


A broad selection of both 4 F and 5 F catheters, representing a full range of segment sizing, assures the right match for virtually every anatomical and procedural measurement need. The Accu-Vu sizing catheter is available with the OmniFlush shape.



Mariner Hydrophilic-Coated Angiographic Catheter Featuring Duration Coating Technology

Every Mariner catheter combines the built-in performance quality of the SOFT-VU catheter brand, with a unique long-lasting Duration hydrophilic coating on the distal 20cm of the end.

Low-friction coefficient assures smoother navigation

  • Innovative coating technology reduces catheter surface friction by as much as 90% compared to an uncoated catheter
  • Coating promotes smoother navigation through tortuous vasculature
  • Coating is resistant to scratching or abrasion, ensuring reliably smooth navigation throughout the procedure

Procedure-efficient: No initial pre-wetting required

  • Distal end of catheter (approx. 20 cm length) is hydrophilic coated, allowing for smooth navigation as well as optimum handling and control

A broad range of selective and flush catheter designs and tip shapes provides the right match for virtually any anatomical or procedural need and allows the operator to utilize hydrophilic catheter technology without sacrificing pushability or torquability.


Bench testing results may not be indicative of clinical performance. All claims based on bench testing data on file. Testing completed by AngioDynamics, Inc.


AngiOptic flush and selective catheters feature:

  • Available in multiple sizes, including  3 F, 4 F and 5 F, and a comprehensive selection of flush and selective catheters, more than 200 varieties to choose from
  • Firm tip material enhances stability during high-flow injections
  • Self-dilating tip improves vessel entry
  • Total catheter radiopacity ensures tip-to-hub visibility
  • Shaft and tip material provide excellent pushability

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