Catheter Directed Thrombolysis


AngioDynamics is the worldwide leader in thrombolytic catheters for Catheter Directed Thrombolysis (CDT) featuring the Uni*Fuse and Pulse*Spray catheters. Catheter Directed Thrombolysis is a percutaneous procedure used to dissolve blood clots (thrombus) by administering a lytic directly into the clot through a catheter.


The current standard of care to treat deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is to prescribe anticoagulants such as heparin. This conventional standard has not proven as effective as catheter directed thrombolysis1, which has shown consistently effective performance for more than twenty years. Catheter directed thrombolysis offers many advantages over alternative therapies and is a viable option for managing thrombus. Other mechanical methods have been developed but at great cost and with possible complications such as bradyarrhythmias and hemolysis.2 AngioDynamics Uni*Fuse Catheters are cost effective and a proven method of managing patients presenting with thrombus.


CDT has the following advantages over systemic infusion:

  • Improved efficiency of drug delivery3
  • Decreased total quantity of the drug3
  • Provides venous access for adjunctive techniques such as angioplasty and stent placement3
  • Safe with less than a 0.5% chance of intracranial hemorrhage4
  • Decreased incidence of persistent phlebitic symptoms5
  • Improved quality of life5
  • Possibly a decreased incidence of recurrent thrombotic events5


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