Chronic Dialysis



AngioDynamics’  long-term HemoDialysis catheters have been designed to provide ease of insertion and durable high flow rates.


The latest addition is the DuraMax hemodialysis catheter, the only dialysis catheter featuring the Curved Tip Technology, designed to prevent wall apposition of the arterial port.


DuraMax Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter
Designed for Durable High Flow Rates

The DuraMax is a 15.5Fr catheter featuring a unique curved tip technology:

  • Preventing the arterial port from vein wall apposition
  • Canceling the need of swapping between arterial and venous ports
  • Durable high flow rates at modest arterial pressures

Optimal insertion

  • Unique proprietary guidewire lumen for superior over-the-wire performance and improved ease of insertion
  • SafeSheath D-Pro double seal peel-away sheath
  • Safety and security of hemostatic access to reduce the risk of air embolism

Optimal duration

  • Durathane catheter material
  • Strength, softness, and resistance to commonly used site care agents
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane luers
  • Toughness, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance
  • Rotating suture wings
  • Patient comfort and flexibility to position catheter

Schon Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter
Single insertion efficiency, Dual catheter effectiveness


Optimal insertion

  • Single-site insertion
  • Over-the-wire insertion reduces risk of air embolism
  • Priming marks and Lock Right adapters allow custom sizing

Optimal duration

  • Secure anchoring, even for the less compliant patients
  • HemoLock anchoring hub reduces bleeding and kinking
  • Polyurethane catheter for improved strength and flow rates
  • High-flow

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