The NanoKnife System is CE marked for Europe and has license approval for Canada for soft tissue ablation. The NanoKnife System consists of a generator and up to 6 monopolar electrodes.


The NanoKnife system has not been approved for therapy of any specific disease state or condition.


The NanoKnife System includes:

  • USB port to export patient data
  • Up to 6 outputs with automatic ‘switching’ of therapy delivery between electrodes
  • Touchscreen or keyboard input
  • Footswitch
  • Single use disposable electrodes
  • 19 gauge needle with depth markings
  • Echogenic needle surface
  • For open or percutaneous use
  • 15 cm and 25 cm lengths available

A cardiac gating device is used to synchronize NanoKnife energy delivery to the patients’ cardiac rhythm in order to minimize the risk of arrhythmias. Energy delivery is timed to coincide with descending R wave, when it will have least impact upon the patient.

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