Implantable Ports



AngioDynamics’ comprehensive port product line is dedicated to repeated IV treatments, over a long period of time, such as chemotherapy. It has been designed with the revolutionary Vortex Technology to reduce the risk of occlusion.

Vortex Ports feature the Vortex Technology for a more efficient flushing;
Available in multiple port options.

SMART PORT power-injectable ports feature the Vortex Technology with high pressure injection capabilities, up to 5ml/s at 300psi.

Vortex Technology. 
Designed to Reduce the Risk of Occlusion

AngioDynamics Vortex Technology revolutionizes port design with a rounded chamber that has no sludge-harboring corners or dead spaces. The tangential outlet and rounded chamber set up efficient flushing action to hyper-cleanse the entire chamber, resist sludge build up, and reduce occlusions and infections.



This represents a major improvement over conventional port technology in which perpendicular outlets produce chaotic flow and inefficient flushing, and square corners that promote the formation of sludge within dead space.


The Vortex port technology provides better patient outcomes, fewer complications, less nursing time and lower expenses compared to conventional ports, including a nearly 75% reduction in the occlusion rate as compared to conventional ports.1


VORTEX Ports, the Vortex Technology in a large range of port option

Vortex ports feature the Vortex Technology for a more efficient flushing, in a line of titanium and plastic models with a choice of silicone or polyurethane catheters. Single, dual, and low profile models are available.


Vortex Technology + Power-injection capabilities

Smart Port power-injectable ports combine the benefits of the Vortex technology with high pressure injection capabilities up to 5mL/sec and a 300 psi pressure limit setting for use with computed tomography (CT). They are MRI-conditional 3 Tesla.



The Smart Port CT family of power-injectable ports includes standard, low-profile and mini models in Titanium. The standard model comes with a choice of silicone or polyurethane catheters.



Smart Port and Vortex ports are latex-free, MRI-conditional (Titanium models) or MRI-Safe (Plastic  models) up to 3 Tesla.


LifeGuard Safety Infusion Set
Designed for Clinician Safety and Patient Comfort

To prevent the occupational risk of blood-borne disease, many countries passed Needle-stick Safety and Prevention directives. In response, AngioDynamics has provided the LifeGuard safety infusion set– a new standard in needle safety. It is designed to reduce the chance of a needle-stick injury due to rebound, transport and disposal.



Select Power-Injectable models with the Smart Port CT.



  • Safeguard against needle stick injuries
  • Non-siliconized needle helps prevent dislodgment from port
  • Low profile for enhanced for patient comfort and easy dressing
  • Large grip handle for secure control
  • Minimum change to technique
  • Easy to use
  • Latex and DEHP free


1. Stevens B, Barton SE, Brechbill M, et. al. A Randomized, Prospective Trial of Conventional Vascular Ports vs. The Vortex Clear-Flow Reservoir Port in Adult Oncology Patients. JVAD 2000; (Summer).


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