NAMIC Compensator and Perceptor Manifolds


The Compensator and Perceptor manifolds put greater control in your hand, take efficiency to a whole new level, and simplify set up. Single operator-controlled re-zeroing and debubbling in the sterile field does not require additional operator assistance.  


Fewer Turns

  • The Compensator and Perceptor manifolds require fewer stopcock manipulations

100% Confidence

  • Every transducer is tested for accuracy
  • The swaged rotating adaptor provides secure catheter connection
  • Less connections with uni-body design of manifold with integral transducer

Easier Operation

  • Single operator-controlled re-zeroing and de-bubbling in the sterile field does not require additional operator assistance

Increase in Waveform Fidelity

  • Both the Compensator and the Perceptor manifolds place the transducer closer to the pressure source as compared to pole mounted transducers, which provides for enhanced waveform fidelity

Compensator Manifold

  • Initial zero balance at heart level
  • Take pressure readings at any level during procedures
  • The fluid filled pressure monitoring line (PML) compensates for manifold movement, when connected to a fluid filled catheter, to provide accurate pressure readings

Perceptor Manifold

  • Must be at heart level during initial zero and when taking pressures
  • Fewer connections
  • Does not require a pressure monitoring line (PML)

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