NAMIC Stopcocks


Choice. Quality. Reliability.


NAMIC Stopcocks are designed with the features that matter in your lab: easy-turning handles, a textured, non-slip surface, precision-engineered luer fittings, large lumens and a durable and clear polycarbonate body. They bring quality and reliability to your lab.


Ergonomic Handle Design

  • Facilitates easy grip and valve rotation

Clear Polycarbonate Design

  • Enables visualization of air bubbles

Extensive Line Offering

  • One-way, three-way, and four-way configurations
  • Male luer lock, male rotating adaptor and male rotating collar connectors

Wide Range of Pressure Ratings

  • Low (200 psi/14 bar), Medium (400 psi/28 bar) and High (1,050 psi/75 bar)

1-way high pressure
with fixed male

1-way low pressure
with rotating collar

3-way high pressure
with rotating adaptor

3-way low pressure
with fixed male

3-way medium pressure
with rotating collar

4-way low pressure
with rotating collar


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