Percutaneous Drains


AngioDynamics offers two types of drainage catheters, both designed with higher OD/ID ratio and kink-resistance.

Total Abscession Drainage Catheters: features the lubricious Blue Silk, a thermal molded tip, and the Vault locking mechanism.

Exodus Drainage Catheters: Featuring  GLYCE Hydrophilic Coating and the Sure-Twist Hub, this ultimate drainage catheter combines a unique co-extruded technology for minimal buckling and higher flow rates, and first-to-market catheter markings for accurate positioning and visual identification of catheter movement after placement.

Total Abscession Drainage Catheter

Exodus Drainage Catheter

Total Abscession Drainage Catheters
Designed for Ease of Placement


Ease of Placement

  • Lubricious Blue Silk finish provides easy insertion and pushability
  • Thermal molded tip for less buckling and kinking upon insertion
  • The Click provides audible confirmation that the lock is engaged


  • Shaft diameter equals the inner diameter of the catheter hub for freer flow and clog-free drainage
  • Kink resistant shaft recovers rapidly, even if severely bent, knotted or twisted
  • Aspiration can be accomplished in both the locked and unlocked positions

Patient Comfort and Safety

  • The Vault locking mechanism securely fixes the pigtail and prevents tampering or accidental removal
  • Low-profile hub and soft, pliable strain relief were designs for optimal patient comfort regardless of anatomical access point
  • Soft shaft was designed for a more comfortable patient fit

The Total Abscession product line includes three different styles of drain to meet specific clinical
drainage needs:

General Drain

Recommended for percutaneous drainage of fluids, AngioDynamics Total Abscession General drain features six side holes and is available with or without a radiopaque marker.

Biliary Drain

Recommended for percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage, AngioDynamics Total Abscession Biliary drain features additional side holes on the shaft arranged in a spiral fashion for optimal bile duct drainage. It also has a radiopaque marker to better identify the placement of the catheter on imaging equipment.

Nephrostomy Drain*

Recommended for percutaneous drainage of the kidneys, AngioDynamics Total Abscession Nephrostomy drain features six side holes, and has a tighter curl at the distal end of the catheter to ensure the drain tip lies completely inside of the pigtail avoiding irritation of the renal pelvis.

*Total Abscession Nephrostomy Drain does not have a CE Mark

Exodus Drainage Catheters, designed for total catheter performance

Exodus Catheters are the only drainage catheters that feature co-extruded technology to deliver measurably better column strength and higher flow rates, and first-to-market catheter markings for accurate positioning and visual identification of catheter movement after placement.



Ease of Placement

  • GLYCE Hydrophilic Coating provides higher Lubricity, lower Friction (8F) and eases advancement through tortuous anatomy

  • Better column strength and long tapered tip minimizes buckling to improve trackability through cirrhotic tissue.
  • Smooth tip transition to wire/trocar facilitates advancement and wire tracking.
  • First-to-market catheter markings allow for accurate positioning and visual identification of catheter movement after placement.
  • Audible snap quickly confirms a secure lock.

Better Performance

  • Better ID/OD ratio allows for higher flow rates and reduced potential for occlusions.
  • Unique coiled strain relief designed to reduce kinking.
  • Stronger suture tensile for repeated locking and unlocking.

Patient Comfort and Safety

  • Loop with tucked-in tip designed for patient comfort.
  • Unique Sure-Twist Hub locks easily and prevents accidental unlocking.
  • Silicone grommet seal designed to prevent leakage at the suture.

Benchtop test results may not be indicative of clinical performance. All claims based on benchtop test data. Testing completed by Navilyst Medical. Data on file.


Catheters Used in Benchtop Testing: AngioDynamics, Abscession; General Drainage Catheter; Bard, Navarre Universal Drainage Catheter; Boston Scientific, Flexima All Purpose Drainage Catheter; Cook, Multipurpose Drainage Catheter; Navilyst Medical, Exodus Multipurpose Drainage Catheter.


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