NanoKnife Treatment Planning Software


The NanoKnife System Generator is available with pre-installed Treatment Planning Software. Based upon the mathematical findings of Davalos et al., (Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 33(2); 223-231, February 2005); and Edd et al., (Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment, 6(4); 275-286, August 2007); the treatment planning software allows physicians to plan their NanoKnife procedures.


Figure 1: NanoKnife Treatment Planning Software version 2.2.0

The software screen above contains the Patient information, Physician name, as well as the clinical indication and case notes. It is in the patient information screen that the physician would input the lesion size and margin, allowing the software to calculate the target (desired) ablation area.


Figure 2: Treatment Planning Software version 2.2.0 – Treatment Planning Screen

The treatment planning screen contained within the NanoKnife procedure software allows the Physician to input probe distances. The figure above shows the Treatment Planning Screen, On the left of the picture the yellow sphere at the center of the picture shows the entered lesion size; The surrounding blue area represents the entered margin. The grey area surrounding the green markers 1, 2, 3, and 4 represents the estimated IRE zone.


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