StarBurst SDE RFA Device


StarBurst SDE RFA Device The StarBurst SDE RFA electrode features a first in the industry: unique, side-deployed arrays that allow physicians to precisely position the trocar tip and see its location with greater ease. It is designed for small lesions, where a finer gauge may be of benefit. With the StarBurst SDE RFA electrode, stage deployment is not required. Instead, physicians deploy the device to the desired size and maintain the prescribed temperature and duration to complete the ablation. Like all StarBurst RFA devices, the SDE features controlled temperature monitoring, through multi-point temperature feedback.


  • Straight needle with side-deployed arrays
  • Small needle gauge and sharper trocar tip for easier access into the lesion site
  • Smaller spherical ablations (2 cm)
  • Dynamic, real-time temperature readouts
  • Multi-point temperature feedback
  • Patented side-deployment array design


  • Three arrays plus active trocar tip
  • Three thermocouples

Covered by one or more of the following US patents: 5472441, 5486161, 5536267, 5672173, 5672174, 5683384, 5728143, 5782827, 5863290, 5913855, 5928229, 5935123, 5980517, 6071280, EP 0 777 445 B1, and Japanese patent 3009735. Other patents pending.


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