Vascular Access



AngioDynamics brings clinicians mid to long-term vascular access solutions with SMART designs to help them achieve better outcomes.


Mid to Long-term IV therapies

AngioDynamics’ range of CT-rated PICC lines has been designed to withstand high pressure injections, simplify care and maintenance and minimize the risk of catheter related complications.   


  • Morpheus SMART PICC: Featuring SMART Taper Technology, this product line offers True French size catheters with the shortest taper in the industry, reducing the catheter-to-vein diameter ratio at the puncture site, while providing additional kink resistance and venotomy plug. Morpheus SMART PICCs also offer the best-in-class CT-rated flow rates, up to 6ml/s.


  • Xcela PICC PASV with PASV Valve Technology: CT-rated PICC with a reverse taper and available with Pressure Activated Safety Valve (PASV) technology, a proximal valve designed to reduce blood reflux into the catheter lumen that could lead to catheter-related complications and has over 10 years of clinical experience.   The PASV Valve offers a saline only option for maintenance.


  • BioFlo PICC with PASV Valve Technology: the first CT-rated PICC of its kind, combining a reverse  taper, the PASV proximal valve, and a catheter shaft that incorporates  Endexo Technology. Endexo Technology is a permanent and non-eluting integral polymer designed to reduce thrombus accumulation on the catheter surfaces.

Clinicians are instructed to follow institutional protocols concerning PICC maintenance. Heparin may be used based on the physician’s clinical assessment of patient needs or per institutional protocols


Long-term IV therapies


AngioDynamics’ comprehensive port product line is dedicated to repeated IV treatments, over a long period of time, such as chemotherapy. It has been designed with the revolutionary Vortex Technology to reduce the risk of occlusion.


  • Vortex Ports: features the Vortex Technology for a more efficient flushing; available in multiple port options.


  • SMART PORT power-injectable ports feature the Vortex Technology with high pressure injection capabilities, up to 5ml/s at 300psi.


Chronic Dialysis

AngioDynamics’  long-term HemoDialysis catheters have been designed to provide ease of insertion and durable high flow rates.


The latest addition is the DuraMax hemodialysis catheter, the only dialysis catheter featuring the Curved Tip Technology, designed to prevent wall apposition of the arterial port.


Choosing the right Vascular Access Device for BETTER OUTCOMES

In order to choose the right catheter and placement sites for your patients, evaluate:


  • Type, frequency and duration of infusion therapy
  • Site selection according to patient’s condition: age; diagnosis; comorbidities; condition of the vasculature at the insertion site and proximal to the intended insertion site; condition of skin at intended insertion site; history of previous venipunctures and access devices; and patient preference.
  • Catheter with as few lumens as required, with the smallest caliber compatible with the infusion therapy needed.


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Devices shown may not be available in all countries.
Please consult a product catalog, your sales representative or customer service for product availability.